Meet Oksana

Hi! I'm Oksana and I'll be your photographer for any photoshoot you book with OksanART Photography. I promise I'll do my best to create the most beautiful image of you that I possibly can. I see photography as an art and always try to customize each photoshoot for my clients and make it an unique experience. Each of my clients is an inspiration to me. Whether it is a glamorous portrait, boudoir, pinup or an artistic nude, I make it my job to make you feel comfortable and have a good time. I want each of my clients to leave feeling happy, sexy, strong and confident, and good about herself.    

I believe that goddess lives in each and every one of us. Sometimes it just needs to be discovered. Our lives are so busy what we often forget what it is to be a woman. I know, because I've been there too. Let me help you to rediscover your inner goddess. 

Tall or small, curvy or tiny, let me prove that you are just as gorgeous as any of the models in the magazines.

I won't bore you with a long bio about myself, so it might be nice to know a few things about me. I am originally from Ukraine, but I left my country when I was 20 years-old and have traveled/lived around the world, 'till finally I decided to settle down in USA in sunny California. I love it here! The weather, ocean, mountains, super friendly people, smiling strangers - you just can't beat that!  

I have always loved photography, especially when I travelled. It was so fascinating to me that we have an ability to capture a moment and take it with us everywhere, and share it with others not just by using our words, but with a picture.  

Besides photography, I also have a background in graphic design, which I think has had an influence on my work, composition, color combinations, etc.

I don't only like to photograph what I see, but also create something to photograph - with a wardrobe, hair/makeup, props, editing, etc. 


I am very detail oriented and also prefer quality over quantity. I don't want to give you hundreds of images which you flip through and forget. I would like to give you a peace of art you want to see over and over again, show it to others, or hang it on your wall. 

If you like to know more, please get in touch with me via email: