RETOUCHING. All images you take will be retouched or enhanced. I don’t believe in drastically altering your appearance or body type, as I genuinely think that my clients are perfectly beautiful exactly as they are. I always strive to achieve the best results I can in the camera combining such element like GOOD LIGHTING, MAKE UP/HAIR, WARDROBE CHOICE and FLATTERING POSING. I also believe in making some changes to the environment to enhance the image, correcting any lumps and bumps that appear due to wardrobe or posing, or cleaning up the things that can’t be otherwise helped but drive you crazy, whether this is cellulite, forehead wrinkles, pimples or stretch marks. Those adjustment are always subtle, but do make a difference. I don't use filters which make you look fake and plastic. I actually take my time and individually work on each photo like a painter works on his painting to make it look as natural as He can and the most important make you look GLAMOROUS! I will prove to you that you can look as good as those supermodels in magazines!


It always makes photos so much better when all distractions from the environment are removed. This brings all the attention to the main subject - YOU!

I actually find wrinkles and fine lines very attractive and interesting. It is actually like a roadmap of your life. I would never remove them completely, unless you request so. I can't promise I would not cry doing this, LOL The shadows are what them more visible. Toning down the shadows on the skin will make a subtle difference and will help to bring out your other features like your beautiful eyes!

In this image you can see how the quality of light influences the skin texture. A harder light was used to create dramatic shadows on one side of the face. This type of light will also create deeper shadows on the skin and make texture and all imperfections like bags or pimples more visible. And who needs those, especially if they are part of you just temporarily due to the lack of sleep (so I recommend all my clients to get a good sleep before the shoot) or hormone play? Retouching helps to improve the image, which otherwise would be impossible.

Don't worry! You're in good hands. Don't wait for a perfect moment to take a photo, because each moment of your life is perfect in one way or another. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! ALWAYS! REMEMBER THIS! 
I promise that a photo shoot with me will be a great and empowering experience in your life. I might show you the side of you you've never seen.